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Abundant power, Abundant Energy

Its All Yours!

Turn On the Sun, Turn On The Savings!

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Unlike other companies, Han Solar Systems are designed with you in mind. Our Solar Pros will assist you in getting the system thats right for you. 

Our designs will be based on your consumption and no guess work. 

Feel great knowing that you've chosen a system that will fit your energy needs with equipment backed by a warranties extending over 25 years. 

Full Solar Systems with Monitoring Software So You Can Keep Track Of Energy Production

No More outdated equipment.

Han Solar will set you up with state of the art hardware and software so you can monitor the production of your system in real time every hour, day, month and year. All components are designed to work together perfectly.

Ask About $0 Down and $0 Payments Until November 2022

Han Solar will work with you to get you the system you deserve. In just minutes our Solar Pros will go over your financing options and qualify you on the spot. 

Han Solar offers different payment options, so you can choose whats right for you.

The Government Is On Your Side

Federal and Local Governments are teaming up to encourage home owners to go Solar.

Ask about the PACE Program and take advantage of federal tax credits with cash purchases or our most popular loan options.

Get a Quote In Minutes

Want to know if you qualify for the $0 Down $0 payments until November 2022?
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